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Worry-free heart care from home

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Anytime, anywhere

Available anytime, anywhere using only your smartphone and a low cost wearable chest belt

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AI technology

Uses advance Artifical Intelligence to assess your heart's condition, giving you peace of mind

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Connects you to your cardiologist and speeds diagnosis

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What are doctors saying about it?

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The KARDI-AI approach enables anyone to monitor himself anytime, anywhere with a reproducible, reliable result. A simple solution that might be more useful than current standards of care.
MUDr. Karel Vykoupil - Private Cardiology department
Bruntál, Czech Republic
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There is a great need for new technologies and wearables to be used in patients after acute myocardial infarction. We are not finding severe arrhythmias in these patients just because of a lack of monitoring options in the general public.
MUDr. Vít Gloger, Ph.D., - T. Bata Regional Hospital
Zlín, Czech Republic
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We have a lot of patients at cardiovascular risk that have not been monitored properly for important and possibly life-threatening arrhythmias. Some simple but reliable tools, like wearables, would be greatly appreciated.
MUDr. Štěpán Hudec -  Private Cardiology department
Zábřeh, Czech Republic
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In majority of patients after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, it is practically impossible to monitor them over a long period to be sure we got rid of atrial fibrillation. More available monitoring options could have a huge impact on their treatment.
MUDr. Vlastík Černíček - T. Bata Regional Hospital
Zlín, Czech Republic
what they say about us

Our patients

Being a post-stroke patient, using Kardi AI regularly gives me the confidence that if any issues occur, my cardiologist will be well informed keeping me safe.

Dan Skala, Grandfather

Thanks to Kardi-AI I'm getting the heart treatment that I need - for a condition that I didn't even know I had.

Viera Kerďová, Grandmother
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who is supporting us


Learn more about the investors that have backed Kardi AI.

logo Brightcap ventures

BrightCap Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies with defensible technology and significant global growth potential. Headquartered in Sofia, BrightCap deploys an extended network in Silicon Valley and Europe to assist its portfolio. The firm seeks to invest in small and medium-sized companies working in the sectors of artificial intelligence, big data, medical technology, blockchain, and technologies for the financial sector.

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The RecursiveForbesCapital
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Depo venture logo

DEPO Ventures is an angel network and VC (Grouport and DEPO Angels Fund II), which connects the world of startups and investors. Depo Ventures is behind the first angel fund of its kind in the Czech Republic; when six years ago, they collected 35 million crowns from investors in the form of experienced managers and other company founders and they gradually invested in fourteen startups under the name Grouport Ventures, such as Tatum, SmartGuide, Mileus or Oxus.AI.

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Czech CrunchStartup Jobs
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what is happening now


BrightCap is investing 200,000 euros in a Czech startup that follows the heart

June 2, 2022
Capital has published an article on Kardi AI and investments from BrightCap Ventures and DEPO Ventures.
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BrightCap Ventures is once again investing in a healthcare company

June 2, 2022
Forbes Bulgaria published an article about Kardi AI solution and investment by BrightCap Ventures.
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Heart under the supervision of artificial intelligence

May 25, 2022
Our co-founder and CEO Stephen Burke and co-founder and Head of medical research Dr. Tomas Skala shared with Czech Crunch how the company started, our primary goal, and how BrightCap and DEPO Ventures are investing in our mission to bring low-cost heart monitoring into the home.
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The Recursive: The ECG solution monitoring the heart everywhere

May 25, 2022
The Recursive published an article about the Kardi AI solution providing people with a device and application which allow patients to monitor their hearts from home. Read the article and learn about the connection between Kardi AI and Bulgaria, how the heartcare kit works, and the next steps for ECG.
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