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Connecting your heart to your cardiologist!
MyKARDI app connects your heart to your cardiologist by passing the ECG data from your Polar chest belt via your phone. Your cardiologist can then review the health of your heart with you at your next appointment.
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Simplify the process of recording your heart information?

Get a reliable and comfortable chest belt in combination with a unique application. You get peace of mind because your cardiologist has full access to all of the heart recordings made in the comfort of your own home.

How to get a MyKARDI package and how to use it

Contact your cardiologist
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After a professional consultation, you can get the MyKARDI home monitoring kit from your cardiologist, including the industry leading Polar H10 chest strap (included with your home monitoring kit) and access to the MyKARDI mobile app.
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Using the application and belt, you can measure your heart activity whenever needed. You can also consult with your cardiologist about its use.
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Your cardiologist will have all of your heart measurements at your next visit.
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Using MyKARDI is easy and very beneficial. The only thing you will need is a smart phone and a chest belt, that you can get for good price.

This belt will record your heart activity and upload the necessary data to secure cloud storage via the MyKARDI mobile app. Using MyKARDI ensures that your cardiologist has the essential data available at each subsequent visit.

Why is it important to record heart activity, and how are electrocardiographic (ECG) methods used?
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Give your heart the best care by using MyKARDI!

Our patient's experience

Our patients

''I have had an operation for a serious heart rhythm disorder. MyKARDI chest belt brings me comfort that a possible recurrence will be detected and my doctor will adjust the treatment in time and correctly.''

PaeDr. Zbyněk Kundrum
Olomouc, School Director

''In the past I was often short of breath and had water on my lungs. The doctors found out that it was caused by a fast heartbeat. With MyKARDI I know that if these problems come back, everything will be found and my doctor will let me know. I would rather start treatment early than end up in the hospital again.''

Květa Janoušková
Boskovice, Worker

''I am treated for high blood pressure and sometimes I have short palpitations. I have had repeated Holter ECGs, but nothing has ever come up. With MyKARDI, I know that whenever I don't feel completely well, I record an ECG, which my doctor will see at the check-up. ''

Antonín Bureš
Horka nad Moravou, Carpenter

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